Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Frederick Remington, illustrations

Sundown, washed and dressed up
I've been reading Frederic Remington's set of stories, Sundown Leflare (1899) and his novel John Ermine of the Yellowstone (1902). Both are generously illustrated with his own drawings.

Sundown is a half-breed, and his stories are almost all about his dealing with Indians. John Ermine is a white man raised by Indians who signs on as a scout for the cavalry.

I'll include some of the illustrations when I post the reviews, but here is a whole set for fans of Remington.

Bullets kicked up the dust.
A tremendous bang roared around the room.
The ponies save Little Weasel from the wolves.
Sundown (in hat) wagers for the wife of a chief
A duel with spears to settle a dispute
A former gambling partner gets away riding under a box car.
A spirit guides Sundown through the winter cold.
Sundown observes a gathering of gamblers
"Un I was yell terrible."
"We come long slow through the mountain."
"I says you go down this canyon."
Chased by other Indians, the chief rides off on a red horse.
The mystery of the thunder.
The going of the medicine horse.


  1. I especially like the one titled "Bullets kicked up the dust". I have a replica bronze of Remington's "Coming through the Rye" showing 4 cowboys riding and firing their pistols. It fits in the room where I watch most of my western dvds.

    I like Charles Russell alot also and I hope you can show some of his art soon.

  2. I love his work, his Bronzes are fantastic.I have a couple of prints of his work. They`ll have to do, cant afford the real stuff!

  3. The titles or captions for his illustrations are always interesting too. These could tell a little story in their own right.

  4. His work is so important to western writers. And I also did a post awhile back:
    I second Mr. Gramlich's comment.

  5. Great illustrations! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful work. And a strong influence on our own Bob Boze Bell of True West magazine. If you're not familiar with Bell's work, do seek it out (in the mag and his books).