Saturday, December 31, 2011

Western writer inspiration, no. 18

Here is this week's omnibus of #westernwriter inspirations posted each day at twitter [click to enlarge]. If you are on twitter, you can follow me @rdscheer.

Sitka, Alaska, c1888
Prospector Edward Schieffelin, founder of Tombstone, Arizona, c1880
Rogers Pass and Mount Carroll, British Columbia, 1887
Knowles Canyon, Colorado
Charleston, Arizona, 1885
Calgary, Alberta, c1885
Wagon Shop, Broken Bow, Nebraska, 1889

Picture credits: Wikimedia Commons

Coming up: Budd Boetticher, Commanche Station (1960)


  1. Didn't know there was a Charleston, Arizona. I will have to do some stuying and use that as a setting since I come from a town called Charleston, Arkansas.

  2. I couldn't find Charleston, AZ, on the map. A couple of desolate looking places there.

  3. Charles and Oscar, there are a few pics of what was left of this old mining town in the 1930s at

  4. Was in Broken Bow a few years ago - this place muct be gone. Maybe not? Enjoy the photos

  5. I think I could enjoy getting lost in Knowles Canyon!

  6. Your blog is a constant source of inspiration, Ron. Marvelous pics.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Love that Knowles Canyon photo. Looks like two strip technicolor. Much happiness in 2012, Ron!

  8. Charleston was a hangout for the anti-Earp forces during the OK Corral period.