Sunday, January 5, 2014

One sentence journal, Dec. 29 – Jan 4

Parking lot supervisor

Time marches on . . .

12/29, Sunday. I recommend the mindful preparation of a batch of chicken vegetable soup with Tord Gustavsen on the CD player and a winter wind gusting outside the kitchen windows as a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

12/30, Monday. How is it, I keep wondering, that a blogger friend in Switzerland, who hardly knows English, knows ten times what I do about American pop culture?

12/31, Tuesday. Department of Simple Pleasures: I have rigged up lights around the house to turn themselves on and off during the evening and into the night, and it delights me that a string of them over one kitchen cupboard is already warmly glowing in the morning darkness, lighting up a corner of the room as I get up to make coffee.

1/1, Wednesday. The desert has its own bird population, and my favorite has to be the cactus wren whose rollicking call is a great greeting for the new year as I step out into the back yard, the rays of the rising sun lighting up the mountains and valley below with a golden glow.

1/2, Thursday. Under a brilliant, cloudless, sun-bright sky, a Costco parking lot supervisor, muttering and ruffling his feathers, observes as I return my shopping cart.

1/3, Friday. A new wrist brace on my left hand and an appointment on the calendar in three weeks to see a doc about what seems to be a case of carpal tunnel, I am discovering how much I have taken the gift of two fully functional hands for granted—and incidentally how hard it is to type with just one.

1/4, Saturday. Three days crossed off my new calendar, and I’m feeling the new year already beginning to slip away.

Image credits: Ron Scheer

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  1. I have some occasional carpal tunnel symptoms but so far have been able to avoid the doctor.

    1. Consider an investment in an ergonomic keyboard.

  2. I have been enjoying your one sentence journals, I think I might try this myself. About the hands, me it's my ankles, go from walking and playing golf, to a cain and very slow movement often in one day. Only good thing, there are some very cool cains out there.

  3. Ron, is the parking lot supervisor a crow or a raven? I thought carpal tunnel usually affects the right hand/wrist that holds the mouse. I didn't know it can be associated with typing with either hand. My yoga teacher once told me to flex my fingers and move my wrists in a circular manner as often as I could while typing long hours. A sponge ball is also a good home remedy for the hands.

    1. A little small for a raven. But I don't honestly know. I use a mouse left-handed, but I believe the injury is keyboard related. I will know more, I suspect, when I see the doc.