Friday, September 30, 2011

Photo-finish Friday: out and about

You know there's a movie shoot somewhere nearby when you see these parked along a street in LA or in a vacant lot. They are Star Waggons, which are mobile unit rentals for on-location filmmaking. They come in versions for the folks responsible for makeup, wardrobe, or production - or for the stars themselves.

These were recently in a lot near where I work. Hard to walk by them and not be totally curious about who might be inside.

Photo-finish Friday is the bright idea of Leah Utas over at The Goat’s Lunchpail.


  1. I remember when they were in DC filming a Nic Cage film. I don't think we ever got to see a A list celebrity.

  2. In a facebook post a friend commented that he was wondering what was up with all these cop cars out in front of a building down from his office in LA--then he saw they were not LAPD but Gorham police cars and realized they must be shooting a movie.

  3. We've been seeing a lot of this particular kind of sign up around Abita Springs, which Lana tells me are directions for a movie that is filming.

  4. We see them in Chicago periodically too, including my neighborhood, so they're a familiar sight. Last time it was local, they were filming "Proof" with Anthony Hopkins, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Gwyneth Paltrow on the University of Chicago campus where I work. I passed Paltrow walking to the set in a pair of Uggs.