Saturday, September 3, 2011

Western writer inspiration, no. 1

I've been posting pics from the Net on twitter and calling them "western writer inspiration" for fellow writers about the West. As an experiment here today, I'm posting pics from the last week for folks not in twitterdom:

Men in vests. Texas cowboys, c1900

Pulp cover cowboy

Cowboy in a hurry, Frederic Remington

You gotta have a hat.


High country

Pie Town Rodeo, 1940

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Picture credits:
wikimedia commons

Coming up: Buffalo Bill (1944)


  1. high country! I play the video game Red Dead Redemption and it does a really good job with the physical landscapes, including the high country. they are somewhat stereotypical but they can certainly put you in the western mood.

  2. I'm inspired, Nice selection of pics.

  3. I've been really enjoying these pictures on Twitter! I've seen the Pie Town picture before, in a book on the FSA/OWI color photos. That whole collection just amazed me.

  4. Great pics!
    I have a collection of many Indian nations and clans and their teepees and camp formations that I take a peak at every once in awhile and enjoy.
    Like your presentation very much.

  5. Proof here that Remington not only knew about line and form, but also his color theory. Though I don't know if he would've called it that.

  6. Love the pictures. They are indeed inspirational. I especially like the one entitled "beef". Thanks