Monday, April 2, 2012

Dustin Farnum: The first Virginian

I came across this image of Dustin Farnum (spelled Farnham here) in his role as The Virginian in the stageplay version of Owen Wister's novel. It appeared in the February 1904 issue of The Critic. The writer made  this comment:

The play as a play has not made as favorable impression as has the acting of Mr. Dustin Farnham in the role of the Virginian. Mr. Farnham fills the bill absolutely. If he can play other parts as he plays the part of the Virginian his success as an actor is assured.

The play turned out to be hugely popular, and Farnum (1874-1929) went on to Hollywood, where he reprised the role in an early Cecil B. DeMille version of The Virginian (1914) and continued making films through the Silent Era.

Coming up: Jack Palance, The Lonely Man (1957)


  1. Hadn't heard of him before. Intersting.

  2. No nor me! However, I`m looking forward to one of my favourite actors next!

    Mr Walter "jack" Palance, among others!