Friday, October 22, 2010

Casual Friday: Book covers

One drizzling autumn afternoon this week I was leaving the local branch of the library and stopped to look through the boxes of free books that are always in the entryway. I usually find nothing to take home. But this time there were several paperbacks from the 1960s that brought back memories of college days. For anyone around then, caring for a bit of nostalgia, I'm posting them below.

Then there were these two little Bantam books from the 1940s:

The copy on the back of the last one reads: "Four Bantam Books are published each month. Like this book, all are chosen to give you maximum reading enjoyment.

"Bantam Books include novels, mysteries and anthologies, besides works of humor and information. You can recognize Bantam Books by the tasteful pictures on the covers, by their famous authors, and by the tough bantam rooster on the front of all the books. Look for the four new Bantam Books this month, next month, and every month."

And each for only 25 cents. It was a different time.

Coming up: B. F. Day, Gene Rhodes, Cowboy


  1. Good to see those old books. Thanks.

  2. I've read the first two, many (too many) years ago!

  3. I wouldn't mind having that Drawn and Quartered. I don't remember ever seeing that book.

  4. I've past these up many times; probably would've bought the Chas Addams if any.

  5. Thanks, everybody, for dropping by.

    Patti, I'll do this again when I find more.

    Leah, the associations from the past can be real strong.

    David, glad you like 'em.

    Charles, you'd get a kick out of the Addams

    Oscar, best thing about these, they were free.

  6. Those ARE nice. I love the Sinclair Lewis one.

  7. oh how i miss old books and their covers!
    Back in the days when books held something of quality and i never had to scan them over before passing them on to the kids....
    (I know this because my favorites were those from my grandma's attic!:))

  8. Wow, memories! That's the copy of Main Street I picked up for my American Novel class.