Saturday, October 16, 2010

F.W. Schultz, illustrator

Walker Martin asked if I'd post all my F.W. Schultz pics together in a bunch. I'm doing the next best thing, as there are a lot of them. The horizontal pics can all be found in an earlier Buddies in the Saddle post (click here). Below are the vertical ones:

So far, I've turned up not a word of information about the artist. Maybe someone seeing these can shed some light for us.


  1. The top pic is my favorite. Cool stuff though

  2. Thanks for posting this art Ron. It's a shame that we can't find any information concerning this artist.

  3. Me top. That top one deserves a spot over my fireplace.

  4. Thanks, everybody, for dropping by today.

    Charles, "At Bay" is one of my favorites, too.

    Walker, one day this mystery will be solved.

    Patti, I like the CB on the bucking bronco best.

    Sage, glad you like 'em.

  5. What awesome paintings! I think my favorite is, A Hot Trail. It reminds me of Sedona.

  6. Love the FW Schultz's! I have 3 originals, Alkai Ike is one of them! Not sure what the others are named. He did work at some point for the Rocky Mountain News and Denver post I do believe, as an illustrator. Paintings are way undervalued in my opinion!

    1. That's information I did not have. Thanks, Carrie. He apparently did no book illustration. He's not listed among the illustrators in Smith's "American Fiction, 1901-1925". I would enjoy seeing the originals of these.