Monday, April 7, 2014

The Moonlighter (1953)

OK, this is somewhat of an experiment. I’ve recorded a video review of this week’s western movie for BITS. The drawback of video for me is that a viewer can’t skim it like a reader can with text. So you're stuck with a certain time commitment. (You may have guessed that I don't watch many TED talks.)

Also, such a visual medium calls for many more photo and graphic images, which aren’t often readily available. And though my use of them here is arguably in keeping with “fair use,” there’s always the concern of possible copyright infringement.

Anyway, the result this time, as you will see, is a bit amateurish, and I doubt that it warrants the hours that went into it. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. The next one, should there be one, is bound to be an improvement.

Pass the popcorn.

The Moonlighter is currently available at amazon and Barnes&Noble. For more Overlooked movies and TV, click over to Todd Mason’s blog, Sweet Freedom.

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  1. I saw this movie awhile back and enjoyed it. It was unusual to see a black actor in a western from this period but I've read that perhaps a third of the cowboys were minorities, mainly black and Mexican.

    Recently, within the past few days, the Westerns channel ran THE MOONLIGHTER. I rewatched the lynching scene where the mob breaks into the jail and hangs the wrong man. I've always thought that must be one of the worse ways to die, being executed for a crime that you know that you did not commit.

    I enjoyed the video and hope you can find the time to do more.

  2. That was quite thrilling and wonderful, Ron. So nice to hear your voice. Hope you do more of these. I have never seen this movie but love him in so many films. He could play the good, the bad and the Daddy.

  3. Barbara Stanwyck was quite an attractive woman.

  4. Ron, what you did not say was, how incredibly dull this picture is and was despite MacMurray. Same goes for Face of A Fugitive but Good Day For A Hanging is somewhat more effective. Not great, but...