Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jack London and Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury, 1975
Searching online for something else in the Saturday Evening Post archives, I found that they're reprinting old stories on their site. Fans of Jack London and Ray Bradbury may want to check out the links below.

Picture credit:
Ray Bradbury, 1975; Photo by Alan Light,


  1. That's great new about reprinting stories. Maybe there are some good thing happening out there.

  2. I've read and liked a few of the Ray Bradbury stories, and Jack London's Call of the Wild we had to read in high school. Maybe I can read a few more stories there.

  3. Patti, it's time for Saturday Evening Post to open the floodgates. They're sitting on a gold mine.

    Oscar, Bradbury is 90 years old this year. I remember reading him when I was a mere youth.

  4. I could read Bradbury every day for the rest of my life and not get tired.

  5. looking back over your post, I came upon this--like both authors!