Friday, September 9, 2011

Photo-finish Friday: out and about

Most university buildings are named after people you have never heard of. This one facing a courtyard at the cinema arts school gets to be an exception (click on the pic for a better look at the name over the doors). The statue atop a fountain surrounded by greenery is a larger than life bronze, or bronze look-alike, of one of the school's founders, Douglas Fairbanks, holding a script in one hand and a fencing sword in the other.

The whole complex has the look of Old Hollywood. I take any excuse to walk through here when I can. Usually thronged with young people between classes, Douglas has a rare moment of relative silence on the set.

Photo-finish Friday is the bright idea of Leah Utas over at The Goat’s Lunchpail.


  1. Wonderful. If I lived nearby I'd want to walk through it, too.

  2. That's great, Ron. The sun shining on a great building makes some difference too. Not much of the orange orb up here this summer!

    Have a great weekend, buddy.

  3. Xavier has only had one president since it was turned over to secular administration instead of religious. Half our buildings are named after him! Well, not quite half but a few.

  4. I could spend a great deal of time strolling about there myself. When am I coming for a visit? :)

  5. I wouldn't mind listening to old Doug as he practices his lines and swashbuckles. I bet he would have some good advice to pass on.