Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cowboy names, no. 3

Hairoil Johnson
Lately I have posted a couple lists of cowboy names from the early westerns I have been reading. Here is the last set of them for now. My favorite out of this bunch is Eleanor Gates’ cowboy, Hairoil Johnson.

Henry Wallace Phillips, Red Saunders
Wind River Smith
Agamemnon G. Jones
Cock-Eyed Peterson
Bronc Thompson

Eleanor Gates, Alec Lloyd, Cowpuncher
Hairoil Johnson
Buckshot Milliken
Monkey Mike
Skinflint Curry
Chub Flannagan

G. Frank Lydston, Poker Jim, Gentleman
Three-Fingered Jack
Tennessee Dick

Dennis H. Stovall, The Gold Bug Story Book
Shorty Sanders
Faro Fett
Eucher Buck
Spanish Fly
Buck Tyson
Pegleg Jim

Edgar Beecher Bronson, Reminiscences of a Ranchman
Llano Lew
Tobacco Jake

Edgar Beecher Bronson, The Red-Blooded
Lee Skeets
Racketty Smith
Mancos Mitch
Lame Johnny
Bill Ball
Chillili Jim
Tit Moody

Pauline Wilson Worth, Death Valley Slim and Other Stories
Shorty Rogers

Charles G. Roberts, The Backwoodsmen
Bird Pigeon

Samuel Merwin, The Road-Builders
Purple Finn

Robert Alexander Wason, Happy Hawkins
Happy Hawkins
Cast Steel Judson
Tank Williams
Slinky Bill
Buck Harmon

Charles Alden Seltzer, The Two-Gun Man
Roper Jones

Max Brand, The Untamed
Whistling Dan
Jim Silent

If you missed the other lists, they can be found here and here.

Image credits:
Hairoil Johnson, illustrator, George Gibbs

Coming up: Robert Ames Bennet, Out of the Depths (1913)


  1. You could make a song out of these, as if it were sung by seven dwarfs going off to work. :)