Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cowboy names, no. 2

Roger Pocock, Curly, 1904
A week or so ago, I posted a bunch of the names of cowboy characters I've been collecting. They are all from the early westerns I'm reading. They got such a big response from readers, I'm offering some more today. A few this time, like Gumboot Annie, a saloon keeper, are from other walks of life.

Roger Pocock, Curly
Low-Lived Joe
Alabama Kid
Beef Jones
Thimble-Rig Phipps
Pincushion Shorty
Cranky Joe
Mutiny Robertson
Cocky Brown
Lying Ike
Crazy Hoss
Black Stanley
Texas Bob
Dog-gone Hawkins

Frederick Niven, Hands Up!
Yuma Bill
Panamint Pete
Merry Mike
Bucket Bill

Alice and Grace MacGowan, Aunt Huldah
Eldom Bayliss
Roach Porterman
Kid Barringer
Lengthy Malone
Lon Prendergast
Bunt Tarver
Bige Kervis
Long Forbes
Kansas Charlie
Billy Bascom

Marie Manning, Judith of the Plains
Joplin Joe

Lewis B. France, Pine Valley
Shanghai Dickson
Baltimore Hatch
Champagne Terrant

Marguerite Merington, Scarlett of the Mounted
Chilkat Jo
Dandy Raish
Bully Nick
Gumboot Annie
Lucky Durant

Herman Whitaker, The Settler
Carrots Smith
Michigan Red

Image credit:
Illustration by Stanley L. Wood from Roger Pocock's Curly 

Coming up: Max Brand, The Untamed (1919)


  1. I wish I'd come up with Dog Gone Hawkins.

  2. Great stuff! Favorite true-life cowboy name I've come across: Real Hamlet.

  3. Recently another collector was complaining to me that he did not like such western authors as W.C. Tuttle and Walt Coburn because their characters had silly names. I had to explain to him that these names were not silly made up things but that real cowboys often named each other humorous names on purpose.

  4. Thanks for the list. It gave me happy tremors.