Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The year in snapshots

Somehow another year has flown by. Here’s a glance back at mine before charging ahead into 2014.

January. Day trip to Los Angeles; a stop at Starbucks in Union Station.

February. An early spring day at Whitewater Conservancy.

March. Morning walk in the desert and a moon over San Jacinto.
April. Jury duty, the morning wait outside the courthouse in Indio.

May. Memorial Day flag on the front of our house.
June. Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon.
July. Zoe doing yard surveillance.

August. Summer storm clouds over the mountains.

September. Another day trip to LA, catching a morning train in Riverside.

October. The birthday cactus garden from my daughter.
November. Thanksgiving dinner about to be served.
December. Return to Nebraska; Expedition and cornfield.

Coming up: Lee Hoffman, The Valdez Horses (1967)


  1. Happy New Year and a great post idea!

  2. Did some traveling! More than I did. Have a great new year!

  3. The desert pictures are lovely. So is that of Zoe guarding your fine collection of westerns.

    1. There was a pair of deer one evening in the yard. Zoe was on guard for another visit.