Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gerald So, We Might Have: Poems

Gerald So’s poems capture nicely the special anguish that comes with adolescence (early, middle, and late) and the discovery that life is way more uncertain and confusing than ever seemed possible. Feelings go everywhere in search of you’re not sure what, and they invariably come back empty handed.

The idle gesture of another signals lack of interest. Worse yet, complete indifference. Heart and hormones fasten on someone who couldn’t care less. Rejection is always the day’s forecast.

So’s short, wry lyrics are iPhone snapshots of life on the fringes of the social media. Each is a glimpse behind the uneasy smile in every group shot on Facebook. And it’s all kind of sadly comic.

For the Kindle edition of We Might Have: Poems and more about the poet himself, visit Gerald So’s author page at amazon.


  1. I enjoy Gerald's poems and am looking forward to seeing where he goes as the decades give away.

  2. hum, have not read any of his stuff. I'll check out the amazon link.