Friday, August 5, 2011

Photo-finish Friday: Retro media center

This is my new retro media center, almost 100% non-digital. I put this together out of components that haven't talked to each other since the 1990s. But I have such a hard time throwing anything away that might some day be useful. So here they are talking again after several hours of trial and error.

There's a Kenwood amp with AM/FM radio, Panasonic VHS player, Kenwood 2-deck cassette player, non-HD JVC TV, and a couple of infinity speakers that must be 20 years old. The $49 Sony DVD player from Best Buy is the only recent "component."

That's the Duke on the TV with a demo of how I can now watch westerns in my own office without disturbing anyone else in the house. The cork board is actually blocking what would be an unsightly display of wires, cords, power strips, and office supplies. The framed poster is from my daughter, who is cool. The weights are mostly for show.

Photo-finish Friday is the bright idea of Leah Utas over at The Goat's Lunch Pail.


  1. You mean you don't sweat out a bunch of curls when you're watching movies? Slacker!

    Just kidding. The only curling I do in front of a movie is curling snacks into my face.

  2. Now thats what I call a mans room! Cool, uncluttered, and above all, a total anathema to women!

  3. Ron, I still have a a betamax video recorder that works and it's hooked up with a Zenith black and white TV with the channel dials and rabbit ears. No kindle for me; it's back to the good old days!

  4. If I have weights in a pic they are ALL for show. LOL.

  5. You are about ten years ahead of us there.

  6. That's seriously cool, Ron. Except for the weights. I'm sweating just looking.