Saturday, October 22, 2011

Western writer inspiration, no. 8

Here is this week's omnibus of #westernwriter inspirations posted each day at twitter [click to enlarge]. If you are on twitter, you can follow me @rdscheer.

Roundup on the Cimarron, 1898
Red Slate Mountain, California, 1963

Shepherd with horse and dog, Montana, 1942
Buccaroos. Charles Russell, 1902
Lassoing a Steer. Charles Russell, 1897

Cattle roundup, New Mexico
Defending the Stagecoach. Henry F. Farny, 1900

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Coming up: Magazine illustrations, 1902-1906


  1. A lot of these would just make great writing prompts. Cool.

  2. I would agree! Although, what if? ........They became the start to a motion picture! What could be done........

  3. The shepherd reminds me of old Charlie B. my brother-in-law's brother. Great prompters.

  4. In Moscow, where there is a museum of European and American art, there was not one western artist and I felt cheated! I like the first one (it looks like a post card)