Monday, October 24, 2011

Montana: bars and bison

Missoula Club, home of the Mo-burger
As promised, here are more pics from my visit to Missoula, Montana, a while ago. Missoula is a university town, which means there have to be enough bars to go around for everyone who wants their own. I'm starting off today with a selection of them. I'll get the rest of them on my next visit.

After that are photos taken during a Sunday morning visit to the National Bison Range, which is some 40 miles north of Missoula. The buffalo were out grazing that day by the hundreds.

Friendly bartender at the Missoula Club
The Old Post - pressed tin ceilings inside
Fishing conditions for Sep. 1 inside The Old Post
Every western town's got to have a Stockmans Bar
Red's Bar

The Iron Horse Pub and Grill
Saturday night crowd at the Iron Horse
Now for the bison:

Friend and driver Chris with the camera
Four buffalo with calf
Rolling rangeland
Grass and grazer
Snow-capped Mission Mountains in the distance
Processed grass
Fellow photographer, Chris, with Mission Valley beyond

Coming up: Bonhoeffer - Agent of Grace (2000)


  1. Every time I go to the Bison Range, I never see the beasts. Nice pictures. I chuckled over "processed grass." Thanks for the post.

  2. Makes you want to get a horse and ride!

  3. You have beautifully caught western Montana. Missoula is a sort of cultural island, exotic in a biscuits and gravy state.

  4. Great photos guys. Would love to have been there.