Monday, October 17, 2011

Missoula, Montana

Last week I spent most of five days in Missoula and snapped a lot of shots of that great little town. Here are some of them:

Clark Fork River and Mount Sentinel
Higgins Street on a Sunday afternoon
Mount Jumbo with the Clark Fork in the foreground
Basic Montana - a mud-covered rig
Sunday kayakers on the Clark Fork
Biker on the riverwalk
Damp evening on a side street
Construction workers don't stop for the rain
Doc's on Higgins Street; great place for sandwiches
Missoula County Court House with Occupy Wall Street overnighters
Tango dancers crossing the street on Higgins
Break Bakery, open early; great  for a morning bear claw and coffee
Clark Fork Produce Market on Saturday, setting up at 7:30
More produce in neat stacks
Missoulians, Julia and Chris - Friends don't come better

Enough for today. I still have a collection of bar front signage and buffalo pics.  

Coming up: Decision at Sundown (1957)


  1. Great pictures, Ron -- are those all taken with your little cell phone? If so, they turned out fantastic.

    We saw you crossing the Higgins bridge Sunday afternoon in all that sunlight when we were headed for our fishing appointment.

  2. Next time you must visit Detroit. I have some pictures for you here.

  3. truly good shots! felt like I was there.

  4. I enjoyed that quick little tour. Great little town.

  5. Every bit of this town looks exotically different to me. Mount Jumbo - what a comfortable sort of name for a mountain!

  6. It's called Mount Jumbo because it supposedly looks like an elephant. There's a herd of elk that winter there, so they close it off during that season. Pretty cool to see them spread across the face of that thing.

  7. Great pics. Took a quick trip through Montana once and wouldn't mind going back for a bit longer to experience the sights you've just shared with us and the very freindly citizens. Perhaps the folks from Nova Scotia are freindlier but if so, only just.

  8. Thoughtful tour of the town. Missoula, west of the continental divide, is radically different from the rest of Montana, oriented toward the Pacific Coast culturally.

  9. Thanks for the pictures... they made me feel nostalgic.