Sunday, December 25, 2011

Photo essay: Los Angeles Public Library

On this Christmas Day, I'm devoting the space here to my favorite place in all of LA. I've posted some pictures here before. Last week, I had a couple hours to explore further, and in the spirit of the season, I'm sharing these cell phone pics with you. Happy holidays, one and all.

View from the top of the atriium. Art hanging from the ceiling.
About 1,800 books in the western section. Here's Elmer Kelton.
Wall murals with romanticized versions of California history.
More wall murals
Christmas tree and glossy marble floor.
Chandelier with lighted globe in the center; amazing ceiling.
Annenberg Gallery with Hollywood memorabilia.
Annenberg Gallery, movie poster.
Movies and music; big as Blockbuster inside.
Exhibit of old maps of Los Angeles
Adult Literacy Center

Coming up: Tom Mix, Sky High (1922)


  1. I should have visited the library when I was there years ago. Thanks for the pics!

  2. Cool. I always love to study the maps in such places.

  3. As I've gotten acquainted with you, I've realized that your interests are broader and deeper than the western literature at the center of this web log. Your photos of that favorite place, the beautiful library, display art, architecture, immaculate shelving of books, aesthetics, and atmosphere. Thank you for sharing all of it.

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