Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Photo essay: Union Station, LA

My commute twice a week takes me through this car-dependent Los Angeles landmark, Union Station. It’s a cheerful, benign place compared to the fierce charm of Grand Central Station in New York, which I used to commute through twice a day 25 years ago.

Built in the 1930s, it had a checkered past even before construction began. Voters narrowly passed a measure to level the existing Chinatown to make way for it. Today there’s a pleasant tranquility about the place, even when it’s busy. Maybe except for the man near me in the waiting room whose sandwich was stolen the day I took these photos.

Waiting room
Colored marble main aisle in the Waiting Room
Among several food vendors, See's Candies
Roomy, leather cushioned seating in the Waiting Room
Patio and garden area with fountain, just outside
Outdoor cafe with colorful tile bench seating
Waiting Room with entrance to trains, decorated for Christmas
Gardens with birds of paradise on the other side of the station
Travelers shop with hanging monkey dolls

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  1. Interesting post, delightful photos!

  2. I've been through there several times--if I remember correctly, it was the last of the grand stations built. After the war, we only built airports.