Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday music: Bill Monroe

How-dee! Blue grass from the Grand Ole Opry, 1956.

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  1. Excellent. What a time for music the middle of the last century was...all times are good times for music, but the sudden access, through broadcasting and the growing recognition of diversity in and of the recording industry, as crooked and inefficient and snobbery-ridden as it was, just made sampling from all the new developments, and the new developments themselves, so much easier to access...and now we have the web (and associated tabletop electronics), which makes piracy even easier but also decentralizes and makes certain aspects and access even easier still...Muddy Waters is most of my music post today, and he's certainly a comparable figure to Bill Monroe...plop Johnny Cash or even Doc Watson (maybe with the Carolina Chocolate Drops) between them and you'd have a hell of a seamless concert.

  2. You said it, Todd. And that would be one serious line-up, all four.