Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo essay: Grand Central Market, Los Angeles

Almost 100 years old, this covered market in downtown LA has been in business since 1917. Between Broadway and Hill Street, it's located at the foot of Bunker Hill, once a high-end residential district, with its own funicular, Angels Flight, so-called shortest railway in the world. Bunker Hill is now the home of a cluster of soaring office buildings and the city's cultural center.

The market bustles with produce stalls, Mexican and Central American imports, eating places with counter service, even a Chinese massage. Bright daylight filters in from the streets outside, and in the half-light of the huge enclosed space, under a high ceiling, there are brightly colored neon signs and sawdust on the floor.  Here's what it all looked like on a morning in January 2012.

Front entrance, on Broadway
Inside Broadway entrance
Ana Maria's Tacos
Burger stand
Candy stall
Chiles secos
Del Rey Productos Latinos
Economy Meats (future carnitas and tacos)
Hill St. Cafe (oddly, just inside the Broadway entrance)
One of many steam tables for the adventurous lunch crowd
Jose Chiquito Sandwiches
Jugos (juice bar)
La Adelita (my favorite sign in the market)
La Huerta Produce
Pastry cook
Produce seller
Sawdust on the floor
View of hall from Hill Street entrance
Another view of hall from Hill Street entrance
Chinese massage
China Cafe, inside Hill Street entrance (always busy)
Valeria's Chiles and Spices
Cafe tables, awaiting the lunch crowd

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  1. Now I am very hungry. We do not have anything like this in the North Country I am quite sad to say.

  2. I see you have mostly focused on food, Ron. Any meaning in that? :)

  3. Looks like a nice place to spend an afternoon.

  4. Only been to LA once, but we got to this place.