Saturday, January 7, 2012

Western writer inspiration, no. 19

Here is this week's omnibus of #westernwriter inspirations posted each day at twitter [click 'em to enlarge]. If you are on twitter, you can follow me @rdscheer.

Warehouses and steamship dock, Sitka, Alaska, c1888
The court house at the trial of Louis Riel, Regina, Saskatchewan, 1885
Soldiers and Indian Scouts before the Battle of Big Dry Wash, Arizona, 1882
Geronimo and warriors, Arizona, 1886
Kamloops, British Columbia, 1887
A game of poker, Arizona, c1888
Mormon women and children, Arizona, c1880

Picture credits: Wikimedia Commons

Coming up: Joel McCrae, Stranger on Horseback (1955)


  1. Such an incredibly different time in our history. The people, the clothes, the buildings. Wow, this is a lesson for us in change.

  2. I thought of you often in Tucson last week.

  3. I love all these photo's especially the Kamloops, British Columbia, 1887, photo.