Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo-finish Friday: out and about

On a walk to catch a bus, I noticed this appealing sign on the side of a building at Washington Blvd. and Oak Street in central Los Angeles. DANCING TONITE. The second-floor windows under it look out from a large open space that may once have been a ballroom. I figure it was a happening night spot in another era, and I get a mental image of low-cut print dresses, wide tides, fedora hats, hip flasks, and the sound of a swing band on warm nights.

Photo-finish Friday is the bright idea of Leah Utas over at The Goat's Lunch Pail.

Coming up: Old West glossary


  1. Interesting lesson in the power of stimuli to call up imagery and experiences.

  2. I get the impression it may have been one of those dime-a-dance places. Nice photo.

  3. Love those old signs. I also tend to get caught up in imagining these old places in their heyday.

    Thanks for the photo, Ron.