Saturday, January 28, 2012

Western writer inspiration, no. 22

Here is this week's omnibus of #westernwriter inspirations posted each day at twitter. If you are on twitter, you can follow me @rdscheer. [Click to enlarge]

Apache Indian prisoners, Southern Pacific Railway near Nueces River, Texas, 1886
Santa Barbara Hills, California, 1882. Artist: William Keith (1838-1911)
Saloon, Trinidad, Colorado, 1880s
Gardiner, Montana, 1887
Original City Brewery (Behloradsky Brewery), San Antonio, Texas
Hermit Range, Canadian Pacific Railway, British Columbia, 1880s
The Deadwood stagecoach, 1889

Picture credits: Wikimedia Commons

Coming up: Gregory Peck, The Stalking Moon (1968)


  1. Where do you get your photos? I love your train photos.

  2. I realize from looking at your photos that landscapes are the most compelling to me. I enjoy all the photos but landscapes draw me in, put me in the place.

  3. I could study old photos like these all day long.

    Gardiner sure has changed in the last hundred plus years.

  4. I wonder if they're heading to Deadwood are leaving. Looks like the seats are sold out.

  5. Good photos, interesting subjects Montana looks very bleak!
    1800's I'm glad I was not around then.