Monday, May 12, 2014

Pinkerton en français

Swiss blogger Christoph Roos likes to remind me of the fascination that the Old West and westerns hold for folks on his side of the Atlantic. Recently he sent me this cover from a French graphic novel series featuring the Pinkerton detective agency. The work is the brainchild of Remí Guerin (story) and Damour (design).

In the first of them, published last year, the story is told of the effort to track down and capture the James gang. The novel seems to adhere to history, though based on familiar material as we know it from the movies (the assault by Pinkerton agents on the James family home to the killing of Jesse by Bob Ford).

This year saw publication of the second series, Dossier Abraham Lincoln, which gives an account of Allan Pinkerton’s successful attempt to foil an assassination plot against Lincoln before he takes office as the newly elected president. Known as the Baltimore Plot, the Guerin-Damour treatment of it is described by one reviewer as a cleverly conceived play on historical fact.

For sample pages from Dossier Jesse James, go here. (Click on the cover to open.)

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  1. I may go looking for one of these. Maybe it would help in learning the language.

  2. - Merde - Il dit. Maybe there is cowboy lingo in it that was picked up from Ron's blog - words even we can't decipher the meanings of.