Thursday, November 25, 2010

3-minute western

Happy Thanksgiving for everyone celebrating the holiday. For something different, I've put together a video I'm calling a "3-Minute Western" (suitable for timing your soft-cooked eggs). Thanks to Patti Abbott, who gave me the idea for something like this in the first place.

Hit play, and you can hear my midwestern twang as I read the first two pages of Zane Grey's novel, The Heritage of the Desert, which I reviewed here recently. It's a thrilling beginning, as a man at the point of death hears two men debating the pros and cons of saving his life.

3-minute western: Zane Grey, "The Heritage of the Desert" from Ron Scheer on Vimeo.

Enjoy your holiday! Hope you're with family and friends and folks you care about.

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  1. That was cool. Well read! Grey seemed to feature Mormons a lot in his books, or so it seems.

  2. May your Thanksgiving dinner carry you through the Black Friday weekend. A dramatic beginning to the novel, well done.

  3. Thanks everybody for giving this one a look. I plan to do more of these.